L'équipe ABC

Mark VenegasMark Venegas

Ventes | Région Tamarindo

Mark Venegas was born in Santa Monica California in 62, in 72 his father, native Costa Rican, retired and moved the family to Costa Rica. The first visit to Tamarindo was in 1975 during...Read full bio


Federico José FernándezFederico José Fernández

Ventes | Région Tamarindo

Federico José Fernández is native Costa Rican, born in San José in 1982 where he lived until 2006. Federico studied business administration and worked for a large transnational company at... Read full bio


Carlos GrauCarlos Grau

Assistante | Région Tamarindo

Born and raised in Texas, Carlos Grau is son to Costa Rican father and Colombian mother. Visiting Costa Rica every year since he was a child made him realize that his future was here.... Read full bio


 Verena MoshammerVerena Moshammer

Propriétaire / Manager | ABC Immobilière

Verena Moshammer was born in 1966 in Calw, South West Germany. In 1992 and 1993 she visited Costa Rica for the first time. 2 years later, after living in the Tamarindo area for 6 months... Read full bio


Jogi GernerJogi Gerner

Propriétaire / Courtier | ABC Immobilière

Jogi - Jürgen Gerner was born in 1962 and raised in South West Germany. He first visited Costa Rica in 1992 and subsequently came back every year.After traveling throughout the entire... Read full bio





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